New GTA 6


Protagonists & Characters

I want to see Niko back in GTA and I want to see more of Trevor, I couldn’t care if Franklin Or Michael are in the next game or not!

More than likely we will have a brand new protagonist or 3, you only ever play as a protagonists in 1 game and sometimes see them again in other games.


Time & Place

I would love to go back to Vice City but in the modern day it would be boring so they’d have to go back to the 80s if it were to be an exciting game.

Forget past gta cities for a minute, why not some where brand new? Even go to a new country,The places I’d like to visit in gta 6 would be Washington DC, Chicago, the whole state of Texas, London, Glasgow/Edinburgh, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Australia and possibly Russia!

The Possibilities for GTA 6 are endless and Rockstar have said they have 45 years worth of ideas to work with. I completely trust Rockstar to make the best choices for GTA 6 and we have about 5 years till we see it so lets just enjoy GTA V right now.



New GTA V News

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The end of Rockstars financial year is the 31st of March, so only a couple days and we might here some new gta v news.

GTA Online Heists

Maybe we will hear about heists! I’ve been waiting for gta v heists since I first got my hands on the game, they gave the impression that we could go straight into heist missions with our friends as soon as gta online came out but no, we are still waiting!

New GTA V Story DLC

I have had 3 play through’s of the story and some new dlc would be great, at the very least music updates would be awesome! GTA V needs a metal music station, it has everything else but metal which sucks, they could even get rid of that awful punk station to make way for it.

Maybe introduce some new characters to do missions for or one of the protagonists is in a bit of trouble with a new person or even some more heist missions for the story mode would be great!



Kingdom Come Deliverance


I have been following Kingdom Come Deliverance since the beginning of the year, it’s not even out yet and I’m already a fan of this game.

Kingdom Come Deliverance looks incredible! it is due for release sometime next year on PC Xbox One & PS4.

Kingdom Come is an open world RPG set in medieval europe, but this isn’t your average RPG game with magic and mythical creatures. This game is a realistic open world RPG, it’s set in a real town in europe and is set for 3 acts each providing new parts of the map to discover and new missions and story lines.


I have been waiting a long time for a game like this. I can’t think of any other realistic open world rpg, they’re all the same sort of style with magic powers and mythical creatures. The only ones I have actually ever liked are the Fallout series, The Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect, nothing else really appeals to me.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is one of my most anticipated games of next year. I can’t wait to do a full review on it.



I Can’t Wait For EA’s Open World Star Wars Game!

EA Open World Star Wars


So who’s ready for a Star Wars open world? I definitely am! Star Wars is my favourite thing EVER!

When I heard that Star Wars 1313 was cancelled it pissed me off, I’ve been waiting so long for a decent Star Wars game and it was taken away from me! So by now you will have all heard the news of an EA open world star wars, I want to talk about the possibilities this game has.sw

Imagine they created a Star Wars game with the graphics of Mass Effect, the new Mass Effect that’s in development of course. I can only imagine how great that game will look!

I want to be able to create my own character and choose between the light and the dark side, choose my lightsabre and even my robes. The decisions you make in the game should have a real impact on what’s happening within that world, we could have battles space like Star Citizen.


huge beautiful planets to explore, massive star destroyers too! the possibilities of this game are endless but what I wouldn’t want to see is anything to do with the movies, events and characters could be mentioned sure but lets not have any cameos, this should take place in another time so we have a new story and new characters, I would love that.


Well those are my thoughts on this so far, what are yours? leave a comment and let me know.



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Rambo: The Video Game Review


Rambo the video game is TERRIBLE!

When I first heard of a Rambo video game, I thought this could either be something to rival COD and Battlefield or it could be a sandbox game in the jungle with endless possibilities! But no, no it is a horrid rail shooter that looks like an HD remake of a PS2 game!rambo3Yes it really does look that bad!

The game starts out at a funeral and from there you play flashback missions that take place in Vietnam. You play as John Rambo as you attempt to escape being a prisoner of war. The games core system is shooting and choosing from 3 different covers to take, it doesn’t matter what one you choose as enemies from the other two sides can still get you.

The aiming system is extremely bad, you could shoot someone in the shoulder and it will register as a headshot! No skill at all is required to play this abomination of a game, this hasn’t been a long review because all you need to know is how bad this game is!

If you want to see just how bad it is for yourself, get it here


Far Cry 4 News


Far Cry 4 Set In The Himalayas…

Are you a fan of the Far Cry series? I certainly am and I can’t wait to see what 4 has to offer!

Set in the Himalayas with RIDEABLE Elephants! Being set in the Himalayas, the game will have mainly snowy regions.


The game is set to be released by the end of March 2015. Only a year to wait lets hope they don’t delay it.

If you don’t already have Far Cry 3, I highly recommend it! it is a huge beautiful game with hours of fun.

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Assassin’s Creed Unity



So the first trailer for the new assassin’s creed game is here, but I don’t think it’s assassin’s creed 5. I can’t see anything on the logo to represent a 5 so I believe this is something like assassin’s creed brotherhood and assassin’s creed revelations. A stepping stone if you will until the next big game is released.

Not to say this isnt a big game because just from the minute long trailer you can see the huge size and scale of the city.tbrbrnynymLook how small the assassin looks in this screenshot.

The game is set in Paris during the french revolution of 1789. I was hoping for it to be set in Paris but just over a hundred years before. I would have really enjoyed playing as a musketeer like the BBC Tv Show, If you haven’t watched that yet I suggest you do!


Not much is known about the game yet apart from the french setting and that it will only be for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. There are however some rumours that there will be an assassin’s creed for the last gen consoles but those are just rumours.

How do you feel about the news of a new Assassin’s Creed? I’m very excited about it.

In the mean time if you haven’t already, get the latest Assassin’s Creed here at Amazon

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQng7EkJHOI Watch the Assassin’s Creed Unity trailer here




EA Sports UFC


EA Sports UFC Pettis Henderson

I have been a UFC fan since I watched TUF Season 9 back in 2009. That show got me hooked on UFC and when the first game came out I bought it straight away, it was great creating my own fighter and becoming a part of the UFC.

The new game is going to feel very different to the first 3, because EA are now developing it, so if you’re a fan of the Fight Night series like me you will probably like the feel of ea ufc. In the past games I was able to always knock out my competition in the first round no matter who they were or how tough they were, leading to me becoming completely undefeated and very rarely leaving the first round. 2309342-1645610000-maxre

This time around it will feel more like you’re in a UFC fight! Every hit and every submission you do will take it out of the other fighter beating them down, but that also means the same for you, don’t go extremely fast and aggressive in the first round or you’ll be out of breath and very slow going into the next round making it easy for your opponent to knock you out or submit you.



What about the graphics? Well they’re astonishing! The fighters have never looked more real apart from in reality of course, every single detail on the fighters look beautiful from scars they have in real life to the shockwaves on their bodies when they get hit. The attention to detail in this game is incredible, i’ve never seen anything like this ever.


Everything about ea ufc so far looks brilliant but what I think would make this one of the best sports games of the year is a badass in game soundtrack! I would also like to be able to put my own playlists in the game to choose as my entrance music, that would be really good and I hope it’s a feature in the game.


All in all I can’t wait for this game to come out so I can play it non stop and do a proper review on it.
Pre Order it here at Amazon

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViZ6eX1UjQQ Watch the latest trailer here


Infamous Second Son Review


Infamous Second Son is the best game for PS4 so far and every PS4 owner should definitely own it. I’ve been following it closely since E3 last year, it looked good and back then I wasn’t reviewing games so I decided I would wait for a price drop before buying it, if you are thinking of doing the same thing I would say you need this game in your life, it blows away the other inFAMOUS games and anything sucker punch has ever made.


It’s 7 years after the end of inFAMOUS 2 and you are no longer Cole MacGrath. Your are a new protagonist Delsin Rowe  and what remaining conduits that were left from the events of 2 have been rounded up and are being transported to a prison facility in Seattle, WA by the Department of Unified Protection. One particular truck carrying three conduits (rebranded as Bio-Terrorists by the D.U.P.) crashes near Salmon Bay where Delsin, his brother Reggie and the people of the Akomish tribe make their home. Through a series of events Delsin absorbs a smoke power from one of the escaped conduits and our journey begins. Soon after acquiring this ability Delsin is forced to make a decision that will put him on the road to becoming a hero or the road to becoming infamous. If you’re like me then you will be the bad guy, I always choose the darker path in any game, it’s just more fun being bad, good guys can’t have fun.


The first thing you will notice about it is that it truly is that next gen feeling game you have been waiting for! inFamous Second Son is by far the best looking next gen game which is now actually current gen. The game is beautiful!

After what goes down in Salmon Bay, Delsin and Reggie start their journey into Seattle and come across the carnage left by the escaped conduits. They find neon streaks across scarred and battered pavement and vehicles destroyed with digital looking arrows plunged into them. It’s the first time you will look at the game and just say WOW! As you make your way to the city you will start to develop Delsin’s powers. Until he met the escaped conduit he was just a bum interested in graffiti and not being part of the system, a hipster basically, so adjusting to these powers is new to him. Using D.U.P. core relays you destroy them to open up new smoke powers and then collect blast shards to enhance the new powers even further. This becomes a huge part of the gameplay as you’ll need to advance your powers considerably if you want to get anywhere once you reach Seattle. Infamous-Second-Son-Official-Reactions-Trailer--1024x576


Once you get to Seattle you really can appreciate the work that sucker punch has put in. You’ll find that the city is divided into and when you arrive all of them are controlled by  the D.U.P. To advance the story you have to take apart the D.U.P bit by bit in the queen anne district by taking out their cctv, mobile command units and drones. You also get to hunt down secret agents and spread graffiti all over the city. Once you have done enough to weaken the D.U.P you can have a final showdown with them for control of the area. All in all there is 13 districts making this game huge along with the main story line.

You also get access to the inFAMOUS paper trail which adds 5 hours and 19 missions of additional gameplay. The first missions has you chasing a rather creepy conduit with paper powers, after I completed it I was really wanting to do more, it was so much fun, but more paper trail missions will be opened in the coming months.

Just like the previous installments of inFAMOUS your karma plays a big part in the game, you unlock new powers determined by your actions being either good or bad. For good karma you can take out drug dealers and heal people. For evil you can knock off sign spinners and street buskers, it’s pretty easy to be evil, just destroy everything in your path it’s also more fun than being good.inFamousSecondSon-1

You might think having all these super powers means the game will be easy, think again! The AI are smart and can hunt you down if you are just hiding behind a wall. They don’t exactly have skills or power but they have numbers and a lot of them, you’re up against an army! At times I was completely overwhelmed by them I needed to start over and think of a new way to deal with them. The boss battles are very difficult and frustrating, there is a whole lot of dying and starting over but it’s still fun.

inFAMOUS Second Son is truly a masterpiece, if you don’t own this yet I highly recommend it! This is one of those games you can’t wait to play again right after you put the control down, you’re thinking of it all day at work or school, those are the games I love the most, I have tried to find something bad to say about this game even the smallest bit of criticism is hard to find, it’s fantastic and gets a 9/10 from me.

If you want to get infamous second son, I got mine here at amazon